QuSmart™ File Share Platform: Perfect Secrecy
Quantum Proof File Sharing Solution

The QuSmart™ File Share platform ensures quantum-proof security through advanced technologies and strategies and Perfect Secrecy encryption. Our competitors only offer AES256, which is Quantum Resistant and not Quantum Proof.

Empowering our solution with the Titanium™ Engine, we offer a Quantum-Proof, Keyless System that not only surpasses the performance of AES 256 but also delivers a speed that is 143% or 1.43 times faster. Now, with the integration of a keyless cloud solution, we are setting new standards in data security and encryption.

Should your organization require the implementation of AES256 or any emerging Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC) standards, it is entirely feasible. Our patent pending Titanium™ Engine can encapsulate Quantum Resistant solutions, enhancing them with an additional layer for Quantum Proofing and incorporating corruption detection mechanisms.

Building Together for Uncompromised Security that is Quantum Proof

At sonKsuru, we firmly believe that security and user-friendliness should go hand in hand. Our dedication to both these aspects is reflected in every facet of our QuSmart™ File Share Platform. This is why our product is designed to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Entra and Microsoft Graph, ensuring a secure and smooth user experience.

Our products ensure Perfect Secrecy

In the field of cryptography, the term Perfect Secrecy refers to a property of an encryption algorithm where the ciphertext, or the scrambled message, does not reveal any information about the original plaintext message to an adversary. 

In other words, the probability distribution of the plaintext remains the same from the perspective of the adversary, both before and after the inspection of the ciphertext. This concept is fundamental to the design of secure cryptographic systems, as it ensures the confidentiality of the data being transmitted or stored.

Perfect Secrecy protects against Super Computers and Quantum Computers

Perfect Secrecy holds even if the adversary has unlimited computational resources at their disposal for the purpose of cryptanalysis or code-breaking. That’s why it is considered quantum proof and perfect forward secrecy.

Perfect Secrecy protects against Artificial Intelligence (AI) attacks

Perfect Secrecy, including those from advanced AI systems, can be seen as a shield against attacks. In cryptography, Perfect Secrecy ensures that the encrypted message, or ciphertext, gives away no information about the original message, even if an attacker, including AI, uses all available resources to analyze it. This means that even the most sophisticated AI algorithms could not extract any meaningful information from the ciphertext, thereby preserving the confidentiality of the data.

Perfect Secrecy protects against corruption.

Equipped with Perfect Security, our Titanium™ Engine is not only robust but also vigilant against corruption. It incorporates advanced corruption detection mechanisms that ensure the integrity of your data. This feature is particularly crucial in today’s digital age, where data corruption can lead to significant losses.

QuSmart™ File Share Platform is the ONLY file share solution that provides Perfect Secrecy for your file sharing.

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Share Files Globally in perfect secrecy

The Time to Prepare for AI attacks on AES256 is now

Large Language Models (LLMs) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the future of computing computation. The convergence of LLMs like ChatGPT4 and genetic algorithms (GAs) creates a powerful tool for breaking encryption. This fusion raises critical questions about the security of widely used encryption algorithms such as Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a 256-bit key (AES-256).

While the theoretical risk to AES-256 is noteworthy, it’s essential to recognize the practical limitations exist today but may not exist tomorrow. The rapid advancement of the LLM-GA convergence could change this landscape, necessitating a reevaluation of encryption strategies.

The Difficult Truth: You could have the most intelligent people, the best strategy, and endless capital — but your team is still set up to fail if they don’t pivot before the theoretical becomes reality. The potential risks posed by the convergence of LLMs and GAs underscore the need for proactive measures in the field of cryptography. Business leaders must stay ahead of these advancements.

That’s why we created the QuSmart™ File Share Platform with Perfect Secrecy to be quantum-proof. Only Perfect Secrecy solutions cannot be broken by LLMs and GAs, no matter how much they advance, because they are not based on computational difficulty.

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