QuSmart™ Cyberstorage & File Share Platform are the ONLY solutions that provide Perfect Secrecy for real-time streaming data, data in transit, and data at rest.

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Perfect Secrecy is infinite secrecy because it is quantum proof.

Introducing our Cyberstorage Solutions and File Share Platform with Perfect Secrecy

Game-changing QuSmart™ Cyberstorage and QuSmart™ File Share Platform Solutions quickly scale positive and optimized economic outcomes for all stakeholders globally—value transfers across ecosystems at the speed of the internet in Perfect Secrecy.

Ensuring Perfect Secrecy is the most reliable and effective means of safeguarding against ransomware.

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QuSmart™ Cyberstorage and File Share with the Titanium™ Engine:

sonKsuru's patent pending Quantum Proof Cyberstorage and File Share Platform products with Perfect Secrecy meet the new NIST Post Quantum Cryptography Standards and have been built to meet the Secure by Design and Secure by Default Frameworks signed by the top global cybersecurity standards agencies.

QuSmart™ and Titanium™ Engine Solutions:

sonKsuru's patent pending Quantum Proof solutions can be embedded in cloud solutions, firmware, software, or any developed product or ecosystem that needs to "shift left" and have Perfect Secrecy baked in and built in.

QuSmart™ and Titanium Engine™ solutions can be used to Quantum Proof Satellite Communications including internal communications, data at rest and data in transit.

QuSmart™ and Titanium Engine™ solutions for IOT devices, Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) for infrastructure such as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), routers, data diodes, and cameras benefit from our low (Size, Weight and Power) SWaP design that allows you to use your current hardware.

Our Competitive Advantage:

Our QuSmart™ Cyberstorage and QuSmart™ File Share Platform products with the Titanium™ Engine Solutions are next-generation data security, offering quantum-proof cryptography to protect your sensitive information from even the most advanced quantum computers without the cost associated with traditional Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC), Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) and Quantum Cryptography (QC) Solutions.

Comparison Table: SonKsuru QuSmart Perfect Secrecy vs. PQC vs. One Time Pad

Welcome to the future of Quantum Proof Secure data management and communication channels!

sonKsuru is a women-founded post-quantum cybersecurity company with Patent Pending technology.

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